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What’s your deal, man?

I will try to catalog my stance on a number of issues on this page, so you can decide whether I’m someone you want to pay attention to or follow. I would urge you to read some of my longer posts first, whether you agree with me or not, before making a decision. I list these views in no particular order (other than what randomly pops into my feverish mind).

Gay Rights – All people are created equal. End of discussion.

Marijuana Legalization: If alcohol is legal, it is tough to make a case for marijuana to be illegal.

Abortion: Every abortion is a tragedy. But while I would like to believe I would never encourage someone to get an abortion, I can’t say that I can make that decision for anyone else. Nor do I think the government should be able to make that decision for someone. Like Clinton said, abortions should be legal, safe, and rare.

Sex Education: Numerous studies have shown that children offered abstinence-only education have higher rates of STDs, pregnancies, and yes, abortions. The reality is that teens are going to have sex. Given that reality, it makes more sense to me to prepare them for how to do so safely.

  1. Biblically all are created equal in that no one shouldn’t be omitted from hearing the gospel
    Alcohol should be de legalized
    Sex education should be taught at home not by the government
    Abortion should not be legal nor funded by the goernment

  2. * excuse my typos pleas above. Ie. no one should be omitted from hearing the gospel
    And the misspelling of government

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