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The Founders

December 13, 2012

So much is said these days about “the Founders” and what their intent was for the foundation and direction of the country. While invoking “the Founders” is generally an attempt to build credibility for an argument, in reality it completely negates the argument being made. “The Founders” were no more united in their ideas and opinions on what a country should look like than we are today, nor were they particularly more civilized about it. As such, any reference to “the Founders” as a united group is at best a display of ignorance.

That notwithstanding, the best interpretation of what was meant by the Constitution and the framework around it is given by those who lived, breathed, debated, and fought it, i.e., “the Founders.” While not united in opinion, they were united in purpose, and that unity is displayed in The Federalist Papers and its counterpart, The Anti-Federalist Papers.

I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to understand the original intent of the Constitution, as well as the arguments against it, comes from those who were involved in its shaping. I am therefore going to attempt to read at least one article from each book per week. I will probably be incorporating my thoughts on these articles into my blog posts, and how these ideas fit into the framework of our modern debates. Wish me luck!


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  1. That’s a really cool idea. What strikes me when I read about the founders is how difficult is it to bring them into our current debates. They basically invented the American left and right and many had opinions all over the political spectrum. Ben Franklin, for example, would be an ideological train wreck by today’s standards.

    Good luck!

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