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Daily News – 11/7/12

November 8, 2012

Tonight I am starting a new piece of the blog which I hope will become a regular fixture: a summary of important/interesting news. While I am calling this the “Daily” news, it may not be quite that regular, but my goal is to make it nearly that often.

North Carolina

Pat McCrory Wins Governorship – breaks a 20 year Republican drought
NC Congress Goes Super-Red – veto-proof super majority
Mecklenburg County Turns Blue – all three at-large seats went to Democrats


Movement Away From the Cliff? – only time will tell
Youth Vote Drives Election
Divided Country Elects Obama – not sure if this is ‘news’ or ‘duh’
A Move Toward Equality
More Bad Weather News for North East – don’t forget to give!


Puerto Rico Votes for Statehood – I guess we need some new flags
The World Cheers Obama Reelection – should that make us happy?
China’s New Leader Selection – in secret. I’m shocked.


Let’s Talk About Race – Cam Newton and Hello Kitty
Obama the Moderate Republican
Be Careful with the Deficit – how to cut spending without avoiding another recession

Douche of the Day Award

While I am tpically all for diversity of opinion, some things just aren’t right, regardless of your stance. This segment will be dedicated to individuals who cross that line.

Chris Matthews ‘So Glad’ for Hurricane Sandy


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