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Hurricane Sandy Relief

November 6, 2012

While ultimately this blog will be about the US political landscape and my views of it, I would like to dedicate my first full post to those who are struggling through the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. I understand there is an election going on, and that its results will shape the country (and possibly FEMA’s role) for the next few years, but right now there are millions of people hurting who need help. The first goal of politics should be to create a stronger country, and nowhere is that strength more necessary than in the Northeast right now. In case you’ve been living under a rock, a recap of theĀ devastation:

Another storm follows Sandy

Where do we put everybody?

Working through the logistics

Updates and ways to help

Please do whatever you can to help. A lot of things are obvious: food, water, clothes. But many are not: kids’ winter coats, pet food and supplies, blood. All of the basic necessities are missing, and all are needed. And according to reports from the area, money is not the best form of aid at this point, as most of the stores, if they’re still standing, are completely out of supplies. If you do want to donate money, make sure it’s to an organization with the ability to bring in supplies from elsewhere, like The Red Cross or AmeriCares.

Last but certainly not least, while the news from our own country is gut-wrenching, the impact in the Caribbean is as bad if not worse. Haiti, still not fully recovered from the disastrous earthquake in 2010, has seen a significant portion of its crops destroyed, and continues to battle cholera outbreaks. While I will not advocate for donations to Haiti rather than the Northeast, I would urge you to consider contributing any additional resources you can to help our less fortunate neighbors to the south.

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